Lapis Lazuli Royal Blue Unique Desk Ornament

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Royal Blue Lapis Lazuli is among the most prized lapis in the world. It is a semi-precious stone cherished for centuries. Its deep, celestial blue symbolizes royalty and honor, power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.
This beautiful blue stone from Afghanistan has powerful and yet subtle qualities. Lapis releases stress, brings peace, serenity, inner self knowledge. It is a protective stone, blocks psychic attack and returns the energy to its source.

There is a legend that says that the Ten Commandments were actually engraved on lapis stone. Another legend says that the Sumerians believed that the wearer of a lapis lazuli amulet carried with him the presence of a god.

This is one of our truly stunning flat lapis. These convey an incredible sense of power, authority and calm. Perfect décor for the home or office.

• Polished Lapis Lazuli
• Size: 6x4x1 inches
• Weight: 1.75 lb.