Lapis Lazuli Layered Mountain, 3 lbs.

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Behold the unique structure! We call it a layered mountain.  Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock composed of multiple minerals, including azurite, and sodalite.  This lapis piece arrests the eye and keeps it moving through the layers of calcite and densely star-speckled fields of golden pyrite flecks. 

The  qualities of the minerals are believed to liberate the positive in us by dispelling the subconscious revolving negative thoughts. Can you sense the feeling of authority and yet deep calmness radiating from it? Lapis comes in many shades of blue, and  all have calcite and pyrite elements, but this rich indigo blue is the most valuable of all.

• Size: 6.5x3x3 inches

• Weight: 3 lb.