Lakshmi Wallet Card
Lakshmi Wallet Card

Lakshmi Wallet Card

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Shri Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, beauty, happiness and good fortune. She also blesses devotees with both spiritual and material prosperity, as well as blessing women in matters of progeny.

She is called Vriddhi because she helps in growth; and Matrirupa because she takes care of devotees like a Divine Mother.

As the consort of Vishnu, she is born as his spouse whenever he incarnates. When Vishnu incarnated as Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Krishna, she appeared as Padma, Dharani, Sita and Rukmini. She is as inseparable from Vishnu as speech from meaning, or knowledge from intellect or good deeds from righteousness.

To pray lovingly to the Goddess of Abundance one may chant the Lakshmi Mantra.

"Om Shreem Kleem Lakshmi Namaha"

  • Sturdy laminated 2x3" wallet card
  • The above text in on the flip side of the card
  • Perfect for your wallet or altar