Lakshmi Bracelet w/ jade and emerald
Lakshmi Bracelet w/ jade and emerald

Lakshmi Bracelet w/ jade and emerald

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Lakshmi Bracelet with jade, emerald, amethyst and citrine.

The Divine Mother in her manifestation as Lakshmi is the Shakti of Vishnu. Lakshmi is known as the Goddess of Fortune and Beauty. In earlier texts she is known as Sri, which means "splendor," "beauty," "prosperity," "wealth." Vishnu holds the office of Preserver in the Hindu Trinity. The Preserver is parallel to the principle of the Son in the Western Trinity.

As the Son, Vishnu embodies Cosmic Christ wisdom. He is also the mediator, or bridge, between the human consciousness and Brahman, Absolute Reality. According to the teachings of Hinduism, Vishnu was incarnated nine times, most notably as Rama and Krishna.

Lakshmi took human form to serve as his consort in each of his incarnations. Lakshmi's incarnations included: Sita, the faithful wife of Rama; the cow girl Radha, beloved of Krishna; and Rukmini, the princess whom Krishna later married.  

Since she will help bring in wealth and prosperity, it is only fitting that this bracelet has gems that will assist with this: jade, emerald, amethyst and citrine.

There are three stones that may carry a vibration in the earth for your sustenance.  Notice it says "may carry," the implication is that it might be helpful to charge gems with Light. It is up to you how much you want to identify with higher vibrations, but Cosmic Law dictates that within the amethyst, within the lapis and within the jade you will find a capacity to store, even as it were, a microchip, to store light, vibration and the Word. Natural crystals from the earth are also the option for the altar. It is not necessary that it be something beyond your means, but even a little token shall remain with you as the presence of these emanations.