Kuan Yin Teaching Mudra, Bonded Marble

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Kuan Yin’s right hand is in a teaching mudra and a willow branch is in a vase on the left. Marble.

For those on the path of compassion, this ‘Teaching Mudra Kuan Yin’ is the perfect symbol. The goddess of mercy understands our challenges in life. See the willow branch in the vase in her left hand? This is for our inner and outer healing as legends say that Kuan Yin drives away illness with the willow branch, as she also pours out healing grace with the vase.

• Marble
• Height: 18 inches
• Weight: 8 ½ lbs.

In many statues, Kuan Yin is portrayed holding a vase or pouring a vase. This represents the dew of compassion that she dispenses upon a world in need. You might see Kuan Yin on a lotus blossom or tortoise floating on waves. This represents her buddhic enlightenment. Sailors look upon Kuan Yin as their own personal savior. She is also called upon by women (and men) who are childless. Statues of her holding a baby are said to help fertility.