Kuan Yin Standing Nanhai Color

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Kuan Yin standing on Lotus pedestal. Her right hand is in the fearlessness mudra, the left holding the Wheel of Dharma. This majestic representation of the bodhisattva is hand-painted with unusual and delicate coloring.

The original statue is in Nanhai, China. On her forehead is an image of the ineffable Amitabha. Legend has it that once, when Kuan Yin was going to leave her spiritual path because of a persistent and terrible headache, Amitabha instructed her to put a picture of him on her forehead. And her headache miraculously disappeared.

• Hand-painted resin
• Height: 14 inches
• Weight: 3 lbs.

In many statues, Kuan Yin is portrayed holding a vase or pouring a vase. This represents the dew of compassion that she dispenses upon a world in need. You might see Kuan Yin on a lotus blossom or tortoise floating on waves. This represents her buddhic enlightenment. Sailors look upon Kuan Yin as their own personal savior. She is also called upon by women (and men) who are childless. Statues of her holding a baby are said to help fertility.