Kuan Yin on Lotus Throne - Faux Wood

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Kuan Yin seated on Lotus Throne. Elegant, highly detailed and exquisitely finished in a faux wood.
When we see Kuan Yin on her Lotus Throne, we are reminded of her buddhic attainment and enlightenment. As legend has it, she paused on the threshold of heaven when she heard the cries of a suffering humanity. Out of compassion for others, she turned away from heaven and vowed to remain and help those in need until no sentient being on Earth was suffering (the ‘bodhisattva vow’).
Let this beautiful statue remind you daily of compassion.
Om Mani Padme Hum.

• Faux Wood
• Height: 7.5 inches
• Weight: 2 lbs

In many statues, Kuan Yin is portrayed holding a vase or pouring a vase. This represents the dew of compassion that she dispenses upon a world in need. You might see Kuan Yin on a lotus blossom or tortoise floating on waves. This represents her buddhic enlightenment. Sailors look upon Kuan Yin as their own personal savioress. She is also called upon by women (and men) who are childless. Statues of her holding a baby are said to help fertility.