Kuan Yin Sitting on Sea Turtle White

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Kuan Yin Riding is riding on the sea turtle, which symbolizes patience, wisdom, endurance and good fortune.

This delicate and petite statue is superb for conveying deep wisdom. As the sea turtle moves slowing in the deep ocean, he gains perfect wisdom. The turtle is never in a hurry, never frazzled or distracted. You can feel his perfect peace and ease, and Kuan Yin rides him effortlessly.

• Bonded marble
• Height: 6 inches
• Weight: 2 lb. 4 oz.

Kuan Yin is the compassionate Saviouress of the East. Throughout the Orient altars dedicated to this Mother of Mercy can be found in temples, homes and wayside grottoes and prayers to her presence and her flame are incessantly on the lips of devotees as they seek her guidance and succor in every area of life.