King Arthur, Bronze
King Arthur, Bronze

King Arthur, Bronze

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 King Arthur

The best book on Camelot and King Arthur is Tennyson’s : The Idylls of the King. The poetry is so exquisite and flowing, you forget your're reading poetry.

From the twelfth-century grail romances to Jack Kennedy's brief shining moment, profiling the ideals of a nobler age, Arthur and his knights have been more than a fairy tale. Each century has contributed to the Arthurian cycle--through poetry, prose, on stage or screen--a tale with a distinctive cast.

Arthur himself was a real figure, dubbed the "Great King of the Britons." According to Arthurian expert Geoffrey Ashe, he was a warrior king who lived in Britain and fought in Gaul, in what is now France, in the late fifth century. Ashe's new research reveals an Arthur "considerably more cultured" than recent historians have pictured him. The tales of Camelot are as diverse as a royal banquet. 

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