Kalachakra Mandala Meditation Poster

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A mandala is a sacred consecrated space where no obstacles, impurities or distracting influences exist. A mandala is no mere image of heavenly power. Buddhists believe a mandala is the receptacle of the holy power it portrays. Its purpose, and the goal of every one of its symbolic images, is to help the meditator realize the divine power within himself and achieve his own inner perfection.

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Ok, so now we're going to go deeply esoteric on you; check this out from Agni Yoga and the Letters of Helena Roerich, Vol. 1:

"Kalachakra" (the Wheel of Time, or the Wheel of the Law) is the Teaching ascribed to the various Lords of Shambhala. Traces of this Teaching can be found in almost all the philosophical systems and teachings of India. At the present time, it is perhaps more known in Tibet. But in reality this Teaching is the Great Revelation brought to humanity at the dawn of its conscious evolution in the third race of the fourth cycle of Earth by the Lords of Fire, the Sons of Reason who were and are the Lords of Shambhala."

Ponder that, Padawan.