India Temple Incense, Song of India

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"Smells just like temples in India." Heavenly incense sticks made in India. This is another real winner! Sweet and heady, this popular Indian incense is made with the essence of flowers, herbs, and spices to create a unique fragrance preferred by many.

Each India Temple Incense stick is made in India of the finest and most fragrant woods, herbs, essential oils, and other ingredients of the highest quality, and is rolled by hand. Burn this incense in your home and let it purify the atmosphere, your energies, and life!

• 15 sticks in one pack 
• Hand rolled in India

Your energy is your life, what comes through the screen, the screening process of the heart is your life. Enhance your daily meditation; bring peace and love to every corner of your home. Meditate on becoming one with the inner flame in your heart and make that your point of contact with life. Create a pleasant atmosphere of an Indian Holy Temple at home!

The makers of this incense donate a portion of this sale to the needy children of India.