Green Fluorite Small Pillar

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Translucent Green Fluorite Small Pillar

To tell you the truth, we weren't that familiar with Fluorite before the 2019 Tuscon Gem Show. What we saw, we liked. Really liked. The richness of the purple and green hues are incredible to behold. The "book" says Fluorite and its various colors have different healing properties. We're not going to make any claims here on cures. Rumor has it that green Fluorite is good for the lungs.

There is a myth that when Noah's flood retreated on Atlantis and through out the world, the rainbows of the earth withdrew into fluorite in order that they might remain on earth. In China, fluorite was worn for luck and protection against black magic and to prevent thoughts of suicide.

  • 3 inches
  • 5 oz

These 8 green Fluorite pillars are all of similar shape and size. We'll give you the best we have in stock.