Great Divine Director Dazzling Jewels Bracelet
Great Divine Director Dazzling Jewels Bracelet

Great Divine Director Dazzling Jewels Bracelet

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Great Divine Director dazzling jewels bracelet

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being. He has merged his consciousness with the cosmic cycles of God’s divine plan for untold universes of light. His causal body is a giant blue sphere that surrounds the entire planet. Within that sphere, there are grids and forcefields through which the delivery of the judgment shall pass. He long ago passed those initiations that placed him at cosmic levels of service and qualified him to become the manu of the seventh root race.

A manu of a root race is the lawgiver who sets the divine plan for an entire evolution. The manu embodies the archetype for an entire lifewave of souls who will incarnate on earth at a certain period—the Divine Image and likeness out of which they are made and the pattern of their destiny. The seventh root race is destined to embody first in South America under the Great Divine Director.

Prior to the sinking of Atlantis, while Noah was yet building his ark and warning the people of the great Flood to come, the Great Divine Director called Saint Germain and a few faithful priests to transport the flame of freedom from the Temple of Purification to a place of safety in the Carpathian foothills in Transylvania. Here they carried on the sacred ritual of expanding the fires of freedom even while mankind’s karma was being exacted by divine decree.

In succeeding embodiments, Saint Germain and his followers, under the guidance of the Great Divine Director, rediscovered the flame and continued to guard the shrine. Later, the Great Divine Director, assisted by his disciple, established a retreat at the site of the flame and founded the House of Rakoczy, the royal house of Hungary. Because of his association with the House of Rakoczy, the Great Divine Director bears the appellation Master R—the “R” signifying Rakoczy. The Great Divine Director continues to maintain in the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania a focus of freedom for Eastern and Western Europe. The retreat was once physical but is now in the etheric plane.

In 1966 the Great Divine Director said: “It is not the will of God or the ascended masters to permit the downfall of society or of the world of form, but we want you to know that the accumulation and accretion of darkness has risen higher than ever before in history. In fact, it was only seventy-five percent this high when the decision was made to overthrow in the time of Noah through the great Flood the civilizations then existing.”

The Great Divine Director then announced: “Conditions in the world today have reached a point where the Karmic Board has withdrawn all restraint from the beings of the elements. This means that mankind of earth today do not know from one minute to the next just what the elementals will do…. If the present course is pursued, the entire planet would of necessity be blotted out of the planetary chain and those righteous individuals who are here be removed to other evolutions….

Therefore, we sound forth the edict that, unless mankind shall change and correct and mend some of the terrible flaws now existent in society, certainly the elementals will be unable to hold back the tide of negative human creation.”

Goodness gracious, and you thought it was SUV's and coal!

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Citrine
  • Rose Quartz
  • Aquamarine
  • Amethyst
  • Jasper
  • Gold Plated 18K
  • Stretches