Goddess Fortuna, small
Goddess Fortuna, small
Goddess Fortuna, small

Goddess Fortuna, small

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Goddess Fortuna, Greek name: Tyche

Fortuna, Goddess of Supply will precipitate her momentum of the abundance of supply, the powerful radiance of green and gold, to those who call to her and invoke her flame. When she was embodied, her desire all her life was to see mankind have the glory of the golden ages, the true spiritual gold that would bring the flow of the material gold and all success.

The false hierarchy impostor of Fortuna is “Lady Luck.” She is also known to the masters in the masculine form as Fate or Kismet. The counterfeit goddess is fickle, glittering like fool’s gold. She frequents gambling casinos and was very active during the stock market crash of 1929. She works with the suicide entity to try to bring people down into despair when they lose all that they have gained through the power of Lady Luck.

The real Fortuna, the Goddess of Good Fortune, is radiant like the sun. This cosmic being teaches that abundance is never a matter of chance, but a manifestation of the unerring law of harmony. Precipitation is a science based on the immutable law, “As you sow, so shall you reap”—as you sow harmony, you reap supply. She teaches the wisdom of the Christ who said, “I AM come that ye might have life, and that more abundantly.”

The legions of angels in her command serve on the fifth ray. Their auras are a brilliant green. Fortuna wears golden robes and carries a gold scepter with a large green emerald. Her hair is a striking gold, a mass of curls, and her eyes a brilliant blue. Her aura is spherical, the center being gold and the periphery an emerald radiance.

Generally depicted holding cornucopia, or a horn of plenty. All over the Roman world, Fortuna is one of the most popular deities and was worshipped at a great number of shrines under various titles that were applied to her according to the circumstances of life in which her influence was hoped to have a positive effect. Rulers often kept statutes of her nearby to ensure well-being of their reigns.

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