Ganesh Writing the Mahabarata 7 Inch Statue
Ganesh Writing the Mahabarata 7 Inch Statue

Ganesh Writing the Mahabarata 7 Inch Statue

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Wonderful mythology surrounds this colorful hand painted resin Ganesh statue.

Here's what has to say:

Sage Ved Vyasa has played the most important role in writing down Vedic scriptures. He is the author of great epic Mahabharata, Puranas and also of Vedas.

As per the legend, Ved Vyasa wanted to compose Mahabharata. He needed a very intelligent person to write down the Mahabharata for him. So Ved Vyasa prayed to Lord Brahma for guidance. Brahma Dev suggested him to request Lord Ganesha for this noble job as Ganesha has the highest intellect in the world.

When Ved Vyasa requested Lord Ganesha for this divine task. then Ganesha was not very pleased as he didn’t want to write down verses dictated by Sage Vyasa. So Ganesha made a condition that I will scribe down the Mahabharata but my pen should not stop. That means you have to continuously dictate the verses.

Now Sage Vyasa was at a loss. Because he will be needing some time to compose the Mahabharata verses. So he thought deeply and came out with a solution and accepted the Ganesha condition. The solution of Ved Vyasa was to put one condition that Ganesha should understand the verse before writing it down. While dictating the verses, Sage Vyasa used to compose some difficult verses in between which used to slow down Ganesha speed as he needs to understand the verse before writing it down and thus gave Ved Vyasa the much needed time to compose the next verse.

While writing the Mahabharata verses it happens that Ganesha’s pen broke down. But Ganesha has given his word that he will write non-stop. So to keep his promise, Ganesha broke one of his tusks and started writing again. This is one of the many legends associated with the theme “Why Ganesha has only one tusk”.

The moral of the story is to finish what you have started and have a total commitment towards the work which you have undertaken.

If by chance you encounter any problems in your project then do pray to Lord Ganesha as he can remove any obstacles from your path. Any sincere prayer done to Ganesha is answered.