Frankincense Incense

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Awaken a feeling of union with your divine self! This purifying and relaxing incense with Yang characteristics is thought to strengthen willpower, self-confidence, and determination. Frankincense is the best known of the aromatic gum resins used throughout the world. Elevate your home, office or favorite space with this peaceful aroma!

• 20 sticks per pack
• Environment friendly
• Hand crafted in India

Have you seen or experienced a priest walking down the aisle in a Catholic Church swinging the incense burner with voluminous clouds of frankincense smoke coming out of the pores of the golden urn? There is something magical, something reminiscent of days gone by with that act.

You probably also thought, whoa, that's a lot of smoke. Well, dark forces are thinking the same thing. They do not like frankincense. They get the hell out of there because they are from hell.