Fleur de Lis Amethyst Bracelet

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Fleur de Lis Alchemy & Divine Vision Prayer Beads Bracelet with amethyst, emerald, aquamarine 

The "fleur de lis" represents the threefold flame in our heart - you know, that wonderful, divine spark of love, wisdom and power!

Let this bracelet remind you of your innate magnificent divinity that keeps you going every day. 

  • 6 mm Amethyst beads
  • Gold plated 18k
  • stretches to fit most wrists
  • purpose: alchemy and divine vision
  • designed with purpose
  • made with love by devotees of the light

There are three stones that may carry a vibration in the earth for your sustenance.  It is up to you how much you want to identify with higher vibrations, but Cosmic Law dictates that within the amethyst, within the lapis and within the jade you will find a capacity to store, even as it were, a microchip, to store light, vibration and the Word. Natural crystals from the earth are also the option for the altar. It is not necessary that it be something beyond your means, but even a little token shall remain with you as the presence of these emanations.

My friends, this bracelet has an abundance of amethyst.