Fairy Boy with Violin
Fairy Boy with Violin
Fairy Boy with Violin

Fairy Boy with Violin

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Many of us know to pray to God or angels but did you know you can ask elementals and fairies to help you too? We forgot long ago that they are our servants.  All kinds of little gnomes and fairies and undines and salamanders would be with you all the day, making your tasks light and merry and clearing the way for you to pass your tests. And they are very, very helpful, these little ones—mighty helpful. They come and they will do almost anything.

The nature spirits have left their footprints in the lore and legend of many cultures, where they are described as everything from playful fairies and sprites to mischievous elves and leprechauns to grumpy gnomes. Most of us have never seen nature spirits—most of us who are grown up, that is. Many young children, because they have so recently come from the heaven-world and therefore can see invisible realms with their inner sight, have in fact adopted these little folk as their “imaginary” playmates.

Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the brilliant creator of Sherlock Holmes, came to believe in the existence of these nature spirits, or elementals. It all started in 1920 when he received in the mail two extraordinary photographs of “fairies,” supposedly taken by two young girls in the village of Cottingley, England.

As Peter Tompkins reports in his book The Secret Life of Nature,  “Doyle pointed out,” says Tompkins, “that in the rational world of physics we see objects only within the very limited band of frequencies that make up our color spectrum, whereas infinite vibrations, unseen by most humans, exist on either side of them.”

As Tompkins points out, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, contemporaries of Doyle, seemed to be on the same track. They both were trying to develop a device that could communicate with and photograph the spirits who peopled the fairy world. After much exploration and thought, Doyle came to the conclusion that mankind’s cooperation with these nature spirits could greatly enhance the future of our civilization. 

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