Durga on Lion Marble Statue
Durga on Lion Marble

Durga on Lion Marble Statue

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Durga, called the Goddess beyond reach, is depicted with many arms, each carrying a weapon. Durga is the enemy of the lower self and the protector of the world and all God’s children. In this statue, her strength is represented by the lion behind her.

• Bonded marble
• 11 inches
• 4 lbs.

Durga is represented with many arms with a weapon in each hand. Her right foot is supported by her mount, the lion, the left poised on the subdued demon, her left hand holding the tail of her victim. She thrusts the trident into the body of the demon killing him apparently at the very moment when he is about to draw his sword in self-defense. She is sometimes shown sitting astride on her mount, the lion with four hands holding a sword, a club, a lotus flower and a dire. Her face always remains calm and gentle in her great love for humanity.

Note: This has been discounted because there is some white paint touch-up in two places. 1. the bottom of the trident handle and 2. The large scepter in her lower left hand has a touch-up on on the handle that is noticeable.