Double Dorje

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The double Dorje or intersected vajra, is sometimes interpreted as the Wheel of the Good Law. You’ll notice from the picture that two thunderbolt scepters are joined at the center. This symbolizes the principle of absolute stability. When a Master Teacher is seated teaching on a raised platform, the front is traditionally decorated by a hanging square of brocade displaying the image of a crossed vajra in the center, representing the unshakeable ground or reality of the Buddha’s enlightenment.

The single Dorje or Vajra is used in conjunction with the bell or Drilbu. It is held in the right hand and is considered a thunderbolt or diamond that destroys all kinds of ignorance. And like a diamond, is considered indestructible. The thunderbolt scepter is the male principle and the bell the female. These two are the most often used objects on the Vajrayana path. In the hands of a master, these inseparable two signify the unity of masculine power and feminine energy.

• Brass
• Size: 5" wide x 1" height
• Weight: 10 oz.