Vajra or Dorje, Large
Vajra or Dorje, Large

Vajra or Dorje, Large

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Vajra means diamond or thunderbolt. Dorje is the Tibetan name for a Vajra. As one garners spiritual energy in the chakras and heart with mantras and meditations, this energy can be focused through the vajra to dispel certain negative vibrations and situations.

If you have a fair amount of spiritual fire banked up, then it is important to be careful using the dorje. At worst, if you focus the thunderbolt without purity or heart and divine intent, then you are practicing black magic and are making serious karma for yourself.

  • 10.5 inches
  • 2 lbs
  • Brass, used  

Many of our Vajras are used. If the previous owner had a fair amount of attainment, then they could be charged with spiritual fire. We don't charge extra for this.😉 Sitting in a lotus position, you're going to hit the ground running with this in your hand.