Dorje/Vajra; Be Thor and Wield a Thunderbolt
Dorje/Vajra; Be Thor and Wield a Thunderbolt

Dorje/Vajra; Be Thor and Wield a Thunderbolt

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The Vajra (a.k.a. Dorje)- is possibly a new concept for some seekers in the West; this is the thunderbolt - wielding spiritual tool. Who in the west wields the thunderbolt? Thor!  Kids want to be him. Women love him. Men want to be like him. He and his thunder are unbeatable. The Dorje brings that spiritual energy to you.

Most of us look similar to Thor in the last Avengers movie which was  the funniest part of the movie by the way.

Here's the deal, you won't be transformed into the old Thor but you can wield a thunderbolt like him. First you need to go within; way within, where your core essence resides—that spark of Divinity. Then summon all the spiritual fire you can muster. To wield a thunderbolt like the God of Thunder, you'll need to focus that energy through a Tibetan Vajra.

A word of caution. Focusing spiritual fire through the thunderbolt concentrates energy. It can be easily misused. If one has a lot of spiritual attainment, then you probably already know you should be careful using a vajra.  A warning label is not included. 

The Dorje or Vajra should be used with a bell of similar size. It is held in the right hand and is considered a thunderbolt or diamond that destroys all kinds of ignorance. And like a diamond, is considered indestructible. The thunderbolt scepter is the male principle, the bell the female. These two are the most often used objects on the Vajrayana path. In the hands of a master, these inseparable two signify the unity of masculine power and feminine energy.

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Some of our Dorjes are used. This can be a good thing. If the previous owner was a devout Buddhist or Tibetan, then they could be charged with spiritual energy. At no extra charge we might add.