Dorje or Vajra, 7 inches
Dorje or Vajra, 7 inches

Dorje or Vajra, 7 inches

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Some of our Dorjes are used. This can be a good thing. If the previous owner was a devout Buddhist or Tibetan, then they could be charged with spiritual energy. At no extra charge we might add. 

If one has a lot of spiritual attainment, then you probably already know you should be careful using this. Focusing spiritual fire through the thunderbolt concentrates energy. A warning label is not included. This is your word of caution.

The Dorje should be used with a bell of similar size. It is held in the right hand and is considered a thunderbolt or diamond that destroys all kinds of ignorance. And like a diamond, is considered indestructible. The thunderbolt scepter is the male principle, the bell the female. These two are the most often used objects on the Vajrayana path. In the hands of a master, these inseparable two signify the unity of masculine power and feminine energy.

  • 7 inches
  • 13 oz
  • Brown cloth wrapping around middle