Dark and Light Amethyst Bracelet
Marbled and Solid Amethyst Bracelet

Marbled and Solid Amethyst Bracelet

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Resolution. Harmony. Joy. Creativity. Freedom. Feelings of the heart that help one soar with the eagles. Gifts that flow from the amethyst gemstone. Variegated amethyst on one side and clear deep purple amethyst on the other creates a meditation, perhaps on noble knights and ladies serving together to help the world?

• Beaded gemstone bracelet
• Variegated and clear amethyst
• Gold plated spacers
• Beads are about 9.5mm each
• Bracelet stretches to fit most wrist sizes

One should always have an amethyst on one’s person and an amethyst crystal on one’s desk for resolution, harmony, joy, creativity and freedom. You can visualize the amethyst on your desk as a nexus of a figure-eight through which all deliberations and conversations with others that see you may flow and be transmuted. A being of Light may impart a flame to an amethyst you wear.

If you were born in February, wear this bracelet to remind you of your birthstone and to amplify feelings of harmony and intuition!