Yellow Angel, Hematoid Quartz, small

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Yellow Angel, Hematoid Quartz, very small (that's a quarter to the left).

Hematoid gives this quartz it's yellowish brown look. Claims are made on the internet of its benefits. Can't verify these, so "no comment."

Yellow Ray Angels are filled with joy in their service, and they have a fierce loyalty to God that has kept them from swerving from their path of light. Anchored within their hearts—even though they be angels of illumination—is a tremendous love for mankind that keeps them working constantly in an atmosphere that is most uncomfortable to their pure vibrations. However, their only motive is to glorify the Father and raise his sons back to the true estate they once knew and enjoyed. 

If you call to the angels of illumination, they can release to you mighty currents of light that are the mercury diamond-shining mind of God. These light rays can flow across your brain, scintillating as the sunlight upon the water and remove from you the density that has been created by reason of human thought and feeling that has become the vibration of jealousy, doubt, fear, dishonor and a lack of integrity.