Child’s Rosary Bracelet with Jade, Rose Quartz and Agate

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Imagine a bracelet with beautiful precious stones that is also designed as a Rosary.

The deep green jade, the light pink of rose quartz and light green agate stones are placed in the design of the Child’s Rosary prayers. The instructions are on the top of the box. Carry the light of the rosary with you and bless all.

May this bracelet be a reminder of your divine potential. You may ask God to charge it with the light through the fire of your heart by the offering of prayers to Blessed Mother.

• Bracelet stretches to fit most wrists
• Highest quality gemstones
• 18-karat gold plated findings

Jade is the color of healing and is known as the dream stone. The lovely Rose Quartz carries the vibration of love and kindness. And the lightest green agate will remind you of the healing energy of spring.

Be blessed with this rosary bracelet and help Mother Mary heal the world.