Capricorn Bracelet
Capricorn Bracelet

Capricorn Bracelet

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Capricorn = Divine Power

This bracelet is made of Jasper, lapis lazuli, garnet, and gold plated 18k materials. It is the perfect bracelet for you if you were born between December 22 and January 20 and your Sun sign is Capricorn. Or it could be a gift for a friend or a dear family member who was born under this sun sign.

May this bracelet be a reminder of the divine qualities that will help you gain mastery over your astrology. This specific combination of gemstones amplifies the virtues of your sign. 

Capricorn is an Earth sign, represented by the Goat. You can depend on Capricorn to get the job done, keep moving forward, despite obstacles. They are very responsible and disciplined and love traditions and family.

Don't expect Capricorns to make a splash at parties, but if you're looking for a solid, determined team player, this is your person. Behind the serious mask is someone who is looking for loyal and reliable friendship. 

When you want to get something done, call upon your Capricorn friends. Obstacles will be overcome and the job done with grounded divine power.

This is a delicate and elegant bracelet. The beads are a diminutive 1/2 mm. 

  • Stretches to fit most wrists
  • jasper, lapis lazuli, garnet, gold plated 18k
  • Mood: steady and powerful