Calcium Magnesium Citrate w/D3 & K2

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Calcium Magnesium Citrate w/D3 & K2

From Ed Dratz, Professor at Montana State Univ. PhD in biophysical chemistry at Berkeley and 2 years postdoctoral research on molecular biology at MIT:

"Key minerals: magnesium and zinc. It is desirable to take a wide array of multiminerals, ... Unless a person is anemic they should not take additional iron. ... Low zinc can lead to chronic overproduction of cortisol, which is one of the main "fight or flight" hormones. People with very low zinc tend to have aggressive behavior and to be anxious. Also, zinc has powerful direct antiviral activity, and can ward off colds, flu and Covid-19 viruses.

A problem for zinc absorption from foods or supplements is that most grains contain high levels of an "antinutrient", called phytic acid, that inhibits the uptake of zinc and other minerals from the digestive tract. Sprouting or fermentation reduces phytic acid in foods. The other fast acting option for boosting zinc, especially if one feels they might be getting sick, is to use zinc lozenges that are absorbed in the mouth and thus avoid the phytic acid in the digestive tract.

Zinc acetate appears to be the most absorbable form. Some of the lozenges contain a small amount of sugar, but this can be tolerated, since only one or two lozenges would be used per day and it is essential to get enough absorbable zinc."