Buddha Thangka, Large
Buddha Thangka, Large

Buddha Thangka, Large

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Just look at this Buddha. The choice of blue hues for this thangka is just phenomenal. Meditate on him. His words might reach you in scintillating ehoes.

And now for some esoteric knowledge that you may not know:

Lord Gautama Buddha, a native of the planet Venus, has served the earth and her evolutions through many embodiments, experiencing great illumination during the Lemurian epoch.

Born in northern India in 563 B.C. as Prince Siddartha, he was early convinced of the emptiness of worldly life, and he sought earnestly for a revelation of holy wisdom. Relinquishing his earthly kingdom and severing all human ties, he lifted the cup of his attention until he became one with his own God Source. Thus wholly one with divine truth, he passed the initiations leading to the attainment of the Buddhic level of consciousness.

Returning to the human form—now transfigured—he was known among his people as the Enlightened One, which is the meaning of the word Buddha. Functioning in his physical body, he became the teacher of teachers expounding the Middle Way.” He made his ascension in the month of May, remaining in the nirvanic state until the mid-twentieth century when he addressed and continues to address (from ascended state) the mankind of earth through his readied instruments.

Each year on a plateau on the northern slope of the Himalayan mountains in May—the month of Lord Gautama’s birth, his attainment of Buddhahood, and his ascension in the light—there is held in commemoration of these events an exoteric and esoteric ceremony known as the Wesak Festival.. His radiation of peace continues to pulsate, and his banner yet waves over his retreat at Shamballa in the etheric realms over the Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia. This is the focus of the threefold flame of love, wisdom and power for the planet Earth.  

  • Painting: 17" x 21"
  • Thankga: 29" x 47"