Bouquet Synergy Blend Essential Oil
Bouquet Synergy Blend Essential Oil

Bouquet Synergy Blend Essential Oil

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Bouquet Synergy Blend Essential Oil

Spring is right around the corner! Or, if you live in Montana, like we do, Spring is a long long long way off.

That's why we like to diffuse Bouquet in the office - it reminds us that Spring is on its way, despite all appearances of snow, ice and 20 degree days.

Bouquet is the perfect blend to brighten your day. Delightful and easy on the senses, this blend is sure to give you a refreshing aroma that can be used in a variety of ways. It offers the fresh, floral scents of Lavender and Palmarosa, combined with the zesty citrus scents of Mandarin and Lemon, and topped off with the tranquil, soft, woodsy scent of Ho Wood. It is sure to provide a boost of energy and a breath of fresh air to elate the mind.

Each essential oil that was chosen to create Bouquet was selected because of their therapeutic properties as well as their glorious, natural aroma. The revitalizing qualities of Mandarin and Lemon will elevate you up from daily worries and stresses. Lavender, Palmarosa and Ho Wood are used to promote tranquility by giving you a sense of lightness and ease.

  • 10 mL
  • Lavender
  • Palmarosa
  • Mandarin
  • Lemon
  • Ho Wood

Diffuse this in your living area when life's challenges become a heavy weight. Relief is on the way!

Caution: Please dilute this when using with children. You can add a few drops to our carrier oils, Argan and Jojoba, and then apply.