Bodhidharma Brass Statue
Bodhidharma Brass Statue
Bodhidharma Brass Statue
Bodhidharma Brass Statue

Bodhidharma Brass Statue

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"What is your original face before you were born?" Zen Koan

"To go from mortal to Buddha, you have to put an end to karma, nurture your awareness, and accept what life brings." Bodhidharma.

Tradition has it that when the disciples opened Mother Mary's tomb three days after her burial they found that her body was gone and the tomb was full of lilies and roses. 

Bodhidharma, a Buddhist missionary from southern India, became known as the first Buddhist patriarch of China. Following his passing c. 530 a.d., rumors began to spread among the peasants that a strange monk had been seen walking toward India, carrying one shoe.  

According to one legend, a Chinese official came upon Bodhidharma in the mountains of Central Asia three years after his death. The master, carrying a staff from which hung a single sandal, he told the official that he was returning to India. Upon hearing of this encounter, the monks in China opened Bodhidharma's tomb and, to their amazement, found it empty except for a sandal; thus Bodhidharma's immortality is assured in the traditions of Zen Buddhism, of which he is the acknowledged founder.

In Japan he is known as Daruma, in China: Damo, both derivations of dharma, the last part of his name which is of course —Bodhidharma. His name is synonymous with Zen. 

  • He is made of polished brass, just as he polished his soul.
  • He stands 9 inches high
  • Weighs 5 lbs.
  • His weight of influence on the world, immeasurable

Picture #3: Bodhidharma's Shaolin meditation cave
Picture #4: Daruma crossing the Yangzi River on a Reed with one shoe returning to India. Painter unknown. Japanese, (1336–1392),