Bergamot Organic Oil
Bergamot Organic Oil
Bergamot Organic Oil

Bergamot Organic Oil

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Bergamot Organic Oil

Bergamot is an uplifting and calming scent. Great for perfume and diffusing. Use it to calm anxiety and dispel gloom and depression. 

Try this as an experiment if you suffer from anxiety: put a drop on your earlobe and see if you feel calmer. So much better than drugs! And it smells great!

  • 10 mL
  • Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
  • Plant Part: Fruit Peel
  • Strength of Aroma: Medium
  • Aromatic Scent: Citrusy and fruity with a warm spicy floral quality
  • Blends well with: Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense Carteri, Geranium Egyptian, Grapefruit Pink, Jasmine Absolute, Mandarin, Nutmeg, Orange Sweet, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Rosemary 1,8-Cineole, Sandalwood Australian, Vetiver and Ylang-ylang Complete
  • Kidsafe: Yes

Try this in your diffuser or just wear it as a perfume. It's light and lovely!