Beeswax Candle Pillar Medium 2 x 4.75 Inches

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Imagine that it is deep Winter and the only light comes from a glowing candle. The darkness looms around but the yellow firelight creates a circle of oneness.

Gather around the Light, all ye who seek comfort!

Beeswax candles are some of the oldest candles in history. Besides being beautiful and all-natural, they possess several health benefits. They are reported to improve allergy and asthma symptoms and help eliminate dust, odors, and mold in the atmosphere. This can ease allergy and asthma symptoms and improve breathing for anyone nearby. Your pets too!

Energy flows where intention goes. And the integral purity of our beeswax candles is a perfect vehicle to illuminate your intentions and release them to the Universe to help bring them to fruition.

• 2" x 4.75"
• Burns for 40 hours
• 100% Beeswax

Set your intention, enhance and harmonize your space! All-natural and free of paraffin and other toxins, these pillars burn clean and soot free with a steady, healthy sized flame that radiates a spectrum of light that matches that of the sun. Pillars are long-burning and are individually hand-poured in small batches.