Chela Pendant with Lapis

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This one of a kind lapis blue and golden pendant carries an unusual spiritual symbol known worldwide as the Banner of Peace. It was created by the Russian visionary artist, Nicholas Roerich. The colors of his paintings are extremely vibrant and represent great eternal truths. 

Regarding the Banner of Peace symbol, Roerich said that the “Three Dots” represent the eternal triune nature of existence. And for the purposes of preservation of world cultural treasures, the dots also represent the protection of Art, Science and Religion as the most important of humanity’s heritage. In fact, due to Nicholas Roerich’s efforts, the Banner of Peace became the logo for a World Treaty signed to protect our highest culture.

Esoterically, the tree dots are also a symbol of being a student of the Mahatma El Morya, a master of the Himalayas.

• Lapis Lazuli, Symbol of Three Dots and Gold Plated Pendant
• Pendant hangs from a small blue sphere surrounded by gold
• A Symbol of Universal Peace