Bagua Mirror
Bagua Mirror
Bagua Mirror
Bagua Mirror

Bagua Mirror

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Every home could probably use a bagua mirror to repel negative energy and attract positive energy. Bagua mirrors combine the energies of a mirror and a bagua map. 

The Bagua (or Pa Kua) consists of eight sacred emblems--each representing a different area of one's life. Arranged in an octagonal pattern, the Bagua represents balance and the smooth flow of energy.

A concave mirror collects negative energy and absorbs it. This might be preferable if there are negative energies lurking about.

A convex mirror can expand positive energy but it can also reflect back negative energy. You don't want these undesirable energies flying about so they need to be placed near an entry or exit point like a door or window.

  • 8 inches square
  • comes with hook for hanging
  • 8 oz or 10.5 oz

Do we totally agree with the principles of Feng Shui? Yes and no. Let's break it down:

  • 33.4% Feng Shui
  • 33.3% Common Sense
  • 33.3% Superstition

This is actually a fairly positive outlook. Add Feng Shui and common sense and you get a 66.7% positive rating. And even the superstition part could be right 50% of the time. So now we're looking at about an 83% accuracy rate. That's pretty good.