Archangel Michael Marble Small
Archangel Michael 4-Inch Bonded Marble Statue

Archangel Michael 4-Inch Bonded Marble Statue

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Archangel Michael is your friend and protector. He is a true hero of God - way better than Spiderman!

The name Michael means "who is like God." He is the blue-flame angel who comes in answer to your prayers.

Devotees all over the world call to Archangel Michael in times of danger or despair. This statue reflects his power to defeat the enemy of the pure and innocent soul who may be tormented by dark spirits.

Remind your children that they are protected every day with this powerful statue. People from many religions look up him as a mighty protector and guardian. Each time you see this beautiful marble statue, you will remember Archangel Michael and his immortal gift of faith and strength.

• Bonded marble
• Height: 4 inches
• Weight : 2 oz.

Archangel Michael is the Prince of the Archangels. He is the valiant defender of all the children of God.Call to Archangel Michael with a fierce call - say this out loud: "Archangel Michael, help me right now!"

Let us know how your life changes!

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