Archangel Michael (St. Michael) 10-Inch Bonded Marble Statue

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Archangel Michael a.k.a. Saint Michael, is in the classic pose of conquering the fallen angel based on the painting by Guido Reni. In this powerful version, Archangel Michael wields a sword in one hand and a chain in the other holding the evil one prisoner. It is key to have victory over all obstacles on the inner and in the outer world. Let this dynamic posture of Archangel Michael remind you of his faithful protection for you and your loved ones. Nothing is too great for Archangel Michael to conquer.

• Bonded marble
• Height: 10 ½ inches
• 3 lbs.

Saint Michael the Archangel has been the protector of God’s children forever! This glorious statue will grace your home with artistic beauty and power.

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