St. Michael the Archangel 15 1/2-Inch Bronze Resin Statue

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Here is Archangel Michael, the great prince of the angels, represented in a majestic statue modeled after the famous painting of Italian artist Guido Reni.

Enjoy the spectacular detail in this artistic rendering of the mighty archangel which will grace a bookshelf, mantle or any special place in your home.

• Enhanced bronze resin.
• Height: 15 ½ inches
• Weight: 4 lbs.

Saint Michael the Archangel is known as the immortal prince of the archangels. He is the indomitable guard of each child of God. And Michael and his hosts bring the light of power and protection into the world each day.

When you gaze upon Michael’s face in times of joy or trouble, you will know his immortal gift of faith and strength. Enjoy this statue of a fierce spiritual protector and remember his name always. Archangel Michael be with you!

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