Archangel Michael Amethyst Rosary

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Hand Made Archangel Michael Amethyst Rosary.

Normally an Archangel Michael Rosary would be made with a blue stone such as Lapis. However, according to Edgar Cayce, the amethyst naturally makes the body more sensitive to spiritual influences, higher vibrations, and transcendence. So this works too.

It is above all a stone of transmutation-the alchemy of transcending oneself. The ancients believed that amethyst was a blessing for the spiritual path. The beautiful purple stone imparts dignity, love, compassion and hope.

These rosaries are handmade by a long-time devotee of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael who prays while putting these rosaries together ... just for you!

• Handmade Amethyst Rosary with gold plated links

• Weight: 2 oz