Tiffany Archangel Michael, 5"x7"
Tiffany Archangel Michael, 5"x7"

Tiffany Archangel Michael, 5"x7"

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Archangel Michael is the most powerful and beloved archangel. He is represented in Jewish, Christian and Islamic scriptures, revered as the Captain of the Lord's Host.

There are countless stories of Archangel Michael and his representatives coming to the rescue in accidents, during wartime and other difficult situations.

Place this picture of Archangel Michael in your home, bedroom, office or your child's room and say a prayer softly out loud, "Archangel Michael, protect my family and my loved ones from all harm."

And you know Archangel Michael answers all calls, especially sincere, heartfelt prayers. Did you know that the prayers of parents are the most swiftly answered prayers?

For strength, protection and courage in difficult times, Archangel Michael is the angel to run to. He's loved us from the beginning and is just waiting for our call.

  • 5 x 7 inch photograph quality
  • Artwork based on Tiffany Stained Glass
  • Archangel Michael
  • frame not included

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