Archangel Jophiel 5" Ivory Resin Statue

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Archangel Jophiel a.k.a. Saint Selaphiel the Archangel or Saint Sealtiel, Saeltiel and Selatiel.

This is a beautiful ivory-colored resin statue of the Archangel of Wisdom. He is sculpted carrying a golden chain and lantern of holy light that illumines all. Bring this Archangel’s blessing to you with his divine energy of wisdom and the spiritual fire. May his immortal light be with you each day. This statue is small enough to delight a child and a treasure for anyone.

• Resin with antique ivory finish
• Height: 5 inches
• Weight: 4 oz.

Bring any child a gift to remember - a small statue of Archangel Jophiel of their very own. Let every child feel the wise presence of a personal archangel.