Archangel Chamuel Bronze Resin Statue, 8.5"

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Let's imagine for a moment that angels come with to the earth with the rising of the sun. Wherever then first rays of the sun hit the earth, waking up sleeping souls, the angels are there, to greet the sun and our opening eyes.

Maybe our hearts are open to this gentle light peeking through the curtains. What if we consciously welcome the first rays as well as the angels?

Let's experiment with "Welcome, Archangel Chamuel!" Say this on Monday to start the week of with loving kindness. See how the day goes!

You may find a more orderly Monday rolling out for you. Let us know in the comment section below!

• Height: 8 ½ inches
• Weight: 9 oz

You'll notice the name "St. Barachiel" on the statue - this is the Hebrew name for Archangel Chamuel.