Champion Love with this Graceful Archangel Chamuel Bronze Resin Statue

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Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel of Love in this graceful and sturdy bronze statue, carries a generous breadbasket for all. Welcome Archangel Chamuel as he shares his bountiful blessings with all who look to him with confidence and courage. He is the archangel of love and watches over all who champion love, kindness, friendship and compassion. May this Archangel of Love open your heart to the rich blessings which he brings. He will bless you, your family and community with love.

• Bronze Resin
• Height: 8 ½ inches
• Weight: 9 oz

You'll notice the name "St. Barachiel" on the statue - this is the Hebrew name for Archangel Chamuel.