Archangel Chamuel Ivory Resin Statue, 5"

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Archangel Chamuel, the archangel of love in a beautiful ivory gown and breastplate, carries a generous breadbasket for all. 

Does this breadbasket represent the abundance of the Almighty? Notice how we limit the blessings of God and let's let the archangel of love show us how to receive!

Chamuel comes to help us learn how to fulfill all our needs. Bring Archangel Chamuel into your life and see what changes occur!  

Use this petite statue to teach your children lessons of charity and self-giving!

Welcome Archangel Chamuel as he leads you on the pathway of love.

• Resin with ivory antique finish
• Height: 5 inches
• Weight: 6 oz.

P.S. Chamuel is also known as Barachiel in the Byzantine Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions. 

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