Aragonite Angel 4 Inches
Aragonite Angel 4 Inches

Aragonite Angel 4 Inches

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What does your guardian angel look like? Would you like a small statue to remind you that he or she is always around to help you?

We have many crystal angels to help you remember, but this aragonite angel is very special.

When I first held this statue in my hand, I was surprised. I wasn't expecting the calm and peaceful feeling that overcame me. I felt its weight and solidness. This is a powerful stone.

Aragonite is known for its soothing effect on emotions. It can encourage sensitivity and the sense of responsibility towards nature. It's also very grounding. Use this to help connect to Mother Earth.

Place it under your pillow for protection against nightmares and sleepwalking.

  • Five inches tall
  • Weighs about 6 oz.
  • Perfect for your desk or bedroom or treatment space
  • Great for clearing energy