Amethyst Large Clusters
Amethyst Small and Medium Clusters

Amethyst Small and Medium Clusters

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Here's an interesting fact about amethyst: miners use the word “Primo” for the deep purple amethyst clusters found in greatest quantity and quality in Uruguay, and Brazil. The miners of the west just call it like it looks: “grape juice.”

This most popular stone is associated with royalty far back to ancient times. Power seems to emanate from purple quartz which has enchanted us for eons.

Many Healers use it for various clearing and cleansing of mental emotion and physical conditions. Personal altars look incomplete without an amethyst in a prominent spot. The most intense color of the rainbow being the highest frequency, it is known as a point of transition from the visible to the invisible, i.e., from the physical the spiritual plane.

Amethyst can be placed around the home or business to enhance the ambiance; and as gifts, they are a guaranteed delight. Large pieces of amethyst can dominate the room most wonderfully, as well as make a bold and effective Feng Shui statement.

All our amethysts are unique and high quality. We choose the best for you from your chosen variety and size.

We have small and medium clusters for you to choose from:


• 3 x 4 inches
• 8-10 oz

• 4 x 5 inches
• 10-13 oz