Amethyst Small Clusters

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Throughout history, the lavender, purple and violet amethyst crystals have been associated with royalty and used for healing a variety of health conditions.

The alchemist and the prophet have used the amethyst to bring about change and transmutation. The stone's deep violet color stands for true and deep love.

Not even scientists are 100 percent sure exactly how amethyst geodes form or even how any geodes form. An amethyst geode is a hollow rock with amethyst crystals lining the inner walls and can be found in many locations around the globe.

These delightful crystals are the kind of amethyst cluster we like to place around the house, just to keep the positive  vibrations activated. These can go under beds for protection and healing, in the office, on the kitchen windowsill. Put them wherever more joy and resolution is needed.

Some might say Mother Nature is fickle. We think she just  loves uniqueness. This is quite evident when she created gems and crystals. These amethyst clusters are all slightly different but very similar in shape, size and quality. We'll select the best one for you.

• 3x4 inches
• 8-10 oz