Amethyst Mini Pillar

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Both the alchemist and the prophet have long used the amethyst to bring about change and transformation. Mystics have sensed the power of amethyst and used it to encourage spiritual dreams and visions.   

Amethyst is also known as the stone of transmutation; the alchemy of transcending one’s self.

The pillar form is perfect for amethyst; revealing its dignity, royalty and mystery. The beautiful cut allows the light to reflect off each facet. You will find purple and violet rainbows dancing nearby. And the pillar can focus the energy up into the heaven realms.

Some might say Mother Nature is fickle. We think she just  loves uniqueness. This is quite evident when she created gems and crystals. These amethyst pillars are all slightly different but very similar in shape, size and quality. We'll select the best one for you.

• Height: 2.5 inches
• Weight: 8 oz.