Amethyst Pillar, Medium

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The polished pillar cut is perfect for the amethyst, enhancing its dignity and ageless mystery. The tip of the crystal pointing heavenward is our reminder that mankind seeks ever higher and more refined levels of consciousness. 

Amethyst is also known as the stone of transmutation representing the place on the path where he desires to grow closer to Spirit and daily strives to heal negative emotion, or the scars of past experience. This is called the alchemy of transcending one’s self…all of which is represented by amethyst.  

The beautiful cut allows the light to dance off each facet. You will find purple and violet rainbows dancing nearby.

• Height: 3 - 3.5 inches
• Weight: 5-7 oz

We will select our finest specimen for you of the size or variety you wish to own. 

Mystics have sensed these truths and used the amethyst to encourage spiritual dreams and visions. Both the alchemist and the prophet have long used the amethyst to bring about change and transformation.