Amethyst Flower

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This type of amethyst is shapelier and more complex than their flat cluster cousins, and are called “flowers,” because the edges curl, and round out sometimes in flower-like shapes, and the crystals are smaller and denser.

Amethyst gives off for many, a tangible presence of deep, peaceful love and spiritual protection and is, in any form, a great focus for giving mantras. It is the mysterious “alchemy stone” of legend. Certainly, a many faceted crystal treasure that, because our body is also crystalline, might explain the sense that we are as “kin” and affected by its proximity.

What a beautiful helper is this powerful crystal!

Place your amethyst flower or other favored pieces on your office desk; living room coffee table; next to a plant for company; or on the kitchen windowsill to make any room, or activity including washing dishes, harmonious, and joyful.

Our amethyst pieces are each unique but, in each category and size, we select the finest pick in stock for you.

• approx. 4 inches
• approx. 1 lb.