Amethyst Medium Dark Chevron Sphere

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The Sphere represents primary symbols of life: the circle of infinity and the yin/yang symbol; the cosmic term of “Oneness.” The circle in three dimensions in its perfection, in ancient writings, represents God. 

Feel the smooth, cool, soothing yet highly energizing quality of the crystal. The deep purple of our amethyst spheres indicates high quality. They are a powerful presence for any room, altar or treatment space. 

• Height: 3.25  inches
• Weight: 26 0z

The deep purple of these spheres indicates a superior quality. Three and one-half inches is just the right size to fit in the palm of your hand.

Sit back in your chair and hold a sphere in each hand. Feel the soothing yet energizing quality of the amethyst. Perfect for home, office, kitchen, bedroom or treatment space.