Amethyst and Agate Bracelet

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You are loved and powerful. And wearing this emphatic bracelet of amethyst and earthy agate reminds you of that truth. Sparkly gold-plated spacers are there to help you feel that strength is the divine feminine, too.

From our exclusive Devic collection, this is a unique piece handmade just for you!

• Beaded gemstone bracelet
• Amethyst-variegated beads
• Soothing brown agate
• Gold plated spacers
• Beads are about 12.7 mm each
• Bracelet stretches to fit most wrist sizes

Amethyst is the most sought-after gemstone in all the world. It is a violet-colored stone that comes from the quartz family and is the most expensive variety of quartz. The Amethyst has been a popular stone in jewelry since Egyptian times and carries many healing and mystical properties.

For those born in February, amethyst is your birthstone! Celebrate the qualities of peace, courage and transformation!

Agate is one of the first materials known to man. According to legends it makes the wearer agreeable and persuasive, cures insomnia and give its owner pleasant dreams.